I'm a Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer, completely passionate about sound for moving image and always on the hunt for new projects, especially narrative features.

I love to create new worlds with sound, as I know that it can add a new dimension to any footage and engage the audience more with the characters and the story.

Awards and Nominations:

Music and Sound Awards 2020: Best Sound Design in a Short Film // Nominee: City of Children

Quirino Awards: Best Sound Design and Original Music // Winner: Nestor

Grierson Awards 2020: Best Student Documentary // Highly Commended: Inside a Marriage

Watersprite Film Festival 2021: Sound Design Award  // Winner: O Black Hole!

Golden Reel Awards 2021: Best Student Sound Design // Nominee: O Black Hole!

V.i.Z. Film Festival 2021: Best Sound Design // Winner: Help



MASA 2020 Finalist Badge.png
Winner - Sound Design Award (1).png

Packing a Punch.

Using Sound Design and Editing to increase the impact while improving the clarity and flow

Making Voices Heard.

Working with the raw material to make a coherent soundtrack while keeping the message clear

Playing with Creativity.

Building a world from scratch to match the crazy inventiveness of any animation